Unique Handmade Gifts

4 10 2010

Click on the picture to visit my website.

I make high quality, bespoke pens to your exact requirements. Satisfaction guaranteed.

Treat yourself or find that perfect unique gift. No two pens are ever the same.



2 responses

21 12 2010
Kevin McEgan

Hi Ferret would you be able to make a pen for me that also fires a hollow nosed .22 round and can also be used as a two-way communications system and vibrates when I poke it up my arse?

21 12 2010

Certainly Kevin,

I have just the thing in my new “007/Ann Summers” range due to come out soon. Its a .30 cal bullet however, hopefully your exhaust will be able to accomodate the slightly larger diameter. The 2-way comms are a little limited but I suspect this will not be a problem since you obviously have no-one to talk to.

Merry Xmas.

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